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Daniel Chong
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Violinist Daniel Chong



׷̻  ̿øϽƮ ٴϿ      ٴ ǰ   ̴. ڿ dz ڷμ   ϰ  Ȱ ĿԴ. 2002 Ŀ  ̿ø 1ڸ þ  īױȦ, ̱ ȸ,  ũ,  ׸Ȧ    θ ޴ ָ ĿԴ. Ư, 2009-11 Ŭ  , ܼƮ ƼƮ   , ݸ dz ,          ޾Ҵ. Ŀ    Zig-Zag Territoires ҽ ̺  ߸ŵǾ. ׸ ˸Ƽ Ƽ      2011 ׷̻ dz ι Ͽ.

ٴϿ  , Ʋ Ʈ, ο ,  ,  Ƹ   ֿ  Ͽ. ̱  Ŭ ,  ֿ  ý׸, ̳׼Ÿ , Ʈ      л ƴ. ̺ ҿ, Ŵ īīþ,  ,  ī,    ƼƮ͵ Բ   ִ.

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Violinist Daniel Chong


GRAMMY Award-winning violinist Daniel Chong is one of the most exciting and versatile musicians of his generation.  He has concertized extensively as soloist and chamber musician throughout the world.  Since 2002, as first violinist of the Parker Quartet, he has garnered wide recognition for his performances in such venues as Carnegie Hall, the Library of Congress, the Musikverein, and Wigmore Hall.  Mr. Chong has received several awards and prizes such as the 2009-2011Cleveland Quartet Award and top prizes at the Concert Artists Guild Competition, Coleman Chamber Music Competition, and the Bordeaux International String Quartet Competition.  His recordings with the Parker Quartet can be heard on the Zig-Zag Territoires and Naxos labels.  Their recording of the complete quartets by György Ligeti won the 2011 GRAMMY Award for Best Chamber Music Performance.


Mr. Chong has performed at several major music festivals including the Marlboro Music Festival, Mostly Mozart, Yellow Barn Music School and Festival, Bridgehampton Chamber Music Festival, and the Perigord Noir Music Festival.  He has given masterclasses throughout the United States and has also taught for El Sistema in Venezuela, University of Minnesota, and St. Thomas University in St. Paul.  Other artists that he has collaborated with include David Soyer, Kim Kashkashian, Roger Tapping, Paul Katz, and Shai Wosner.


Originally from Southern California, Mr. Chong's major teachers have been Robert Lipsett, Victor Danchenko, Kim Kashkashian, and Donald Weilerstein.  He has studied at the Curtis Institute of Music, Cleveland Institute of Music, and the New England Conservatory where he received his B.M. and M.M.  Other musical mentors that continue to influence him are György Kurtág and Rainer Schmidt.


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